The Internut Speaks ... On Love on the Innternet

I couldn't resist putting this up here. I received it today (7/30/96).

I'll pretect the identity of the sender.

What are you doing now beside to read my letter Chuck  ?
I have just had a motorbike accident.
Luckely nothing was broke but I feel very sore
over all my dark body. I would be very happy if you could phone
me beteween and Thailand time everyday so we get know eachother better
The number is 6638 429537, ask for Nok at room 601
I feel lonely now and need some caring words
If you would like to visit me or send me a letter
my adress is :
I am corious about you and would be glad to know
some more about you :
Were does your famely live ?
How long have you been alone ?
How often do you fishing ?
What make you happy ?
For myself :
I have never been married
I work as a teacher and take care of children
I do not have any children myself
I am a nice lady with a charming face and sensual body
I am 24 year old
You can see my picture at *deleted*
Sweet kiss from

Here are the pictures I found at her site:

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