The Internut Speaks ... On Love

We live in a sea of our sins. We struggle to keep afloat while the lusts of our hearts as the gold in our pockets weigh us down to our drowning deaths. We kick and fight and struggle to maintain control, but what control is there? None! Control is an illusion fraught with dangers all it's own.

Our connection with life is a thin one and if we take the time to admit it to ourselves, we all know it's a temporary one.

Where then is our hope? What then can save us? My belief is that it's love.

Do you remember love? Have you felt it? Lately? The kind that's patient and kind? The kind that is not self-seeking and always perseveres? The kind of love that never fails? Do you recall?

There's no way to know whether any part of what we experience as our selves goes on after these earthen vessels pass away. The only certainty is that we will all find out too soon, but I'd like to think that if any part of us does pass from this to the next plane of existence, it'll be the love we keep in our hearts.

Love is God!

Though I speak with the tongues of men and angels, but have not love, I am but wasted bandwidth.

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